System Vulnerability Assessment


Vulnerability analysis is the first line of defense against hackers. Discovering vulnerabilities early, patching them promptly, and reducing the overall risk level are crucial.


Vulnerability scanning execution method Vulnerability Scanning Recommendations Report

Conduct vulnerability scanning services for system platforms, database environments, and network information devices. Provide a vulnerability scanning assessment report.

► Detect and scan weaknesses posing risks
► Detect weaknesses for potential hacker
► system intrusion System-level vulnerabilities
         – Perform system vulnerability corrections
         – Implement application corrections Adjust unit network architecture
► Policy-level vulnerabilities
         – Adjust information security policies
         – Manage system access permissions

Website Vulnerability Assessment


This service follows the OWASP Top 10 international detection standards and employs internationally recognized web vulnerability scanning tools. The software scans adhere to the OWASP TOP 10 or product standard detection rules, conducting scans to assist and provide customers with web vulnerability scanning and consulting patching services. The goal is to identify website security vulnerabilities early, promptly complete vulnerability patching operations, and prevent intrusion attacks through vulnerabilities.
Vulnerabilities in the operating system service layer
Vulnerabilities in the web server
Vulnerabilities in web service components
Vulnerabilities in web applications
Vulnerabilities in open-source web application code
Vulnerabilities in the website administration backend

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is an intrusion exercise conducted with the mindset and techniques of a hacker. Through regular penetration testing, the security of systems and websites can be ensured to withstand external malicious attacks. Our team attempts to breach the defenses of networks or systems, identify security vulnerabilities and loopholes in system devices such as application software and network services, with minimal information available. The goal is to gain control or unauthorized access to sensitive information in order to assess the overall security of the enterprise.

This service analyzes and detects vulnerabilities based on the international standards OSSTMM (Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) and OWASP TOP10 (Open Web Application Security Project TOP10) weaknesses.

Penetration Testing Detection Method:

  1. Based on the IP range provided by the customer, the testing service is performed through remote connection.
  2. Through remote connection, vulnerability scanning is conducted on the host and network segments provided by the customer.
  3. After scanning and analysis, we will provide a detection and analysis report on items that require patching, including the operating system and host services.

Source Code Review

Reduce insecure code, decrease application vulnerabilities, and prevent hackers from exploiting zero-day risks in real-time.

Source code detection execution method: 

  • Accurate source code detection that precisely indicates the location of vulnerabilities, providing program corrections and recommendations in detail.

Detection Service Process


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