This new data protection suite will help organizations better address modern data risks and features the following key elements:

  1. Multiple Security Services Integration: Through Cloudflare's integration of various security features such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and more, DLP is integrated with other security services on a single control platform, allowing organizations to protect data more efficiently and flexibly.
  2. Single Control Platform: All these functions are integrated into a unified platform, simplifying management and providing greater visibility and control.
  3. Flexible Connection Options: Flexible options for routing traffic to Cloudflare for enforced security controls, including API scanning, application read-only permissions, and proxying traffic.
  4. Global Network Coverage: Cloudflare's extensive global network coverage provides high-speed, reliable security.
  5. Programmable Network Architecture: Allows for rapid development of new features, ensuring ongoing effectiveness in data protection.


Cloudflare not only offers outstanding data protection but also ensures a fast, reliable, and consistent user experience, enhancing efficiency for enterprise teams. It ensures the security and compliance of their data to address evolving data security and privacy requirements.


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