With the year-end approaching, consumers need to be more vigilant during this season.


 🤖 Shoe-buying robots strike:

Initially, shoe-buying robots referred to cunning code designed to snatch limited-edition shoes, making it more challenging for regular consumers to acquire their desired footwear. Not only that, these robots contribute to skyrocketing resale prices (scalping); malicious actors may list the looted limited items on third-party resale platforms to reap more profits.


 🚀 Why are bots so prevalent?

We've established that there are good bots and bad bots. Regardless of what kind of bot you’re referring to, speed plays a large role in bots'ubiquity. The sheer speed at which these bots can perform tasks is unfathomable by a human. This speed allows tasks to be performed so much more efficiently that it can produce large cost savings for a business to use bots.

Bots can also relieve us of mental load in our normal lives: They can deliver reminders, information, notifications, etc. Put simply, these benign bots make our lives easier. This is why it's very important to separate these good bots from the malignant bots — the ones that are designed to cause harm or cheat the system.


 🤯 Harm to consumers by robots:

We are aware of the harm that robot threats can cause, especially in the case of data breaches. When consumers reuse the same set of passwords, they are highly susceptible to credential stuffing attacks, a common practice for attackers using leaked credentials. With robots introduced into the automation process, attackers can attempt thousands of credential combinations on websites within minutes. The more websites using the same credential combinations, the higher the exposure risk.


 🔒 3 ways to protect yourself:

1.       Fight the temptation to engage with sneaker bots for limited-edition items, hot concert tickets, or things of that nature

2.       Get a password manager to create and keep complex passwords

3.       Please, please, PLEASE use MFAEnabling and utilizing MFA on everything you can is another great basic security tip. This forces an attacker to go through multiple steps toward account takeover, providing several places for them to fail.It is preferable to use a method other than SMS (text messaging) for this, but SMS two-factor authentication is much better than having none at all!


 🌐 The importance of cybersecurity awareness:

As our reliance on technology continues to grow, cybersecurity becomes crucial. The same advice is reiterated time and again, not due to negligence on the part of security professionals leading to frequent attack incidents, but because of the lack of general awareness about cybersecurity.


Omni Intelligent Services urges people to raise awareness about cybersecurity issues.  Protect yourself and enjoy the fun of shopping!

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