This product offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it can detect threats in emails in real-time, including malware, spam, and phishing attacks, ensuring that email systems are protected from threats. Secondly, with global node coverage, Cloudflare ensures high reliability and scalability, allowing Area1 to provide stable and reliable services that meet the needs of enterprises in different regions and scales.


Area1 product combines with Microsoft Graph API to provide efficient and reliable email scanning and protection, ensuring the security of enterprise email systems. Through real-time scanning, it protects enterprises from threats, enhances operational efficiency, and safeguards core assets of businesses.


Moreover, Area1 supports custom rules and policies, allowing enterprises to customize email scanning settings according to their specific needs, achieving more flexibility and personalized email security management. This helps to improve the security of email systems, reduce email risks, and enhance operational efficiency. Additionally, with Cloudflare's expertise and global node infrastructure, enterprises do not need to invest significant resources in email security setup and maintenance, resulting in cost savings and reduced IT pressure. Businesses can confidently protect the security of their email systems, ensuring that data and business are always in a secure state.


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