Enterprise Application Access is a cloud-based ZTNA solution that provides secure access to private applications based on the user's identity, device posture, and application context. Integrating Akamai Enterprise Application Access with your cloud identity platform strengthens authentication of remote users while simplifying access management with a centralized view of user identities and access rights. It enables you to leverage your existing investment and ensure that identity policies are enforced across your entire IT ecosystem.


Key features of this solution include:

  1. Comprehensive security: ZTNA technology prevents unauthorized access to sensitive enterprise data by both internal and external personnel, including control mechanisms such as VPNs, VPCs, and SD-WAN.
  2. Akamai Enterprise Application Access simplifies ZTNA by integrating seamlessly with leading identity solutions via an Identity Bridge based on established standards, including SAML and SCIM.
  3.  Rapid deployment: The simplified architecture and automated configuration make it possible for enterprises to deploy quickly and reduce operational pressures.
  4.  Akamai integrations with Azure AD, Azure AD B2C, and Okta have been certified and published in their respective App Integration Galleries.
  5. Enterprise Application Access administrators can use these prebuilt templates to set up, dramatically simplifying the setup and integration process, which saves time and effort.


Akamai's Zero Trust solution is suitable for enterprises of all sizes and industries, providing a layer of protection and streamlining the management process, thereby greatly improving efficiency.


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