First, centralized identity and access management via Azure Active Directory which provides single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and access via conditional authentication.


Second, policy oriented access to specific applications using Cloudflare Access—a VPN replacement service.


Third, an additional layer of security for internal applications by connecting them to Cloudflare global network and not having to open them up to the whole Internet.



Cloudflare and Microsoft collaborate to provide a global zero-trust networking solution to protect the information security of mutual customers. By integrating Cloudflare's Access access control solution into Microsoft Azure AD, intelligent and efficient access control is achieved, effectively mitigating security threats.



Cloudflare's Zero Trust solution is based on the principle of zero trust, requiring authentication and authorization for every access to applications and resources. Through integration with Microsoft Azure AD, Cloudflare's Access ensures that only authenticated and authorized users can access applications and resources, thereby providing a higher level of security protection.