Unprecedented Achievement: Hosting an Online Concert with 3 Million Concurrent Viewers In the realm of live streaming platforms, a robust CDN network is crucial for adding interactive features, virtual hosts, and ensuring a stable and lag-free viewing experience. From its inception, 17LIVE quickly accumulated millions of registered users. Therefore, 17LIVE immediately adopted Akamai CDN, which has the maximum bandwidth and coverage, along with Cloud Cache DB, to provide content delivery services. Through a series of traffic monitoring mechanisms, abnormal situations can be detected in advance and promptly resolved, ensuring service stability.

Mr. Hsu Yongji, Technical Vice President of 17LIVE, mentioned the 8-year collaboration with Omni Intelligent Services since its founding in 2015. During the initial phase of CDN service architecture adjustment, the teams were on standby from late evening to early morning—the peak traffic hours for the live platform. In case of system abnormalities, both teams were ready to investigate and fix the issues. After establishing a stable abnormal handling SOP and gradually improving the user experience, a new challenge arose in 2021 with the hosting of an online concert in Japan.

Due to the pandemic, the large-scale international music festival SUPERSONIC in Japan decided to livestream its concert online and approached 17LIVE for collaboration. Designing a service architecture capable of accommodating hundreds of thousands of simultaneous online viewers was an unprecedented challenge. 17LIVE consulted several network service providers, but none were willing to guarantee smooth service across multiple regions. Considering CDN's ability to automatically distribute congested traffic to nearby nodes, 17LIVE decided to leverage CDN to cache decoded DASH video files and regularly update them.

"At that time, this project was carried out in a confidential and low-key manner, but Omni Intelligent Services quickly understood our needs and goals, providing full support for stress testing," said Mr. Hsu Yongji. To ensure successful implementation of this plan, stress testing was conducted at the highest limit of 3 million concurrent users. Various user paths entering the platform to participate in the concert were simulated, monitored, and optimized along this critical path. With thorough preparation, the mission was successfully completed on the day of the concert.

Not Just Rapid and Stable: CDN Also Helps Save Cloud Costs Beyond concert hosting, 17LIVE actively expanded the applications of CDN. They used CDN Cache to handle the non-real-time part of the content in user responses to backend APIs. This not only allowed users to quickly obtain the required content but also reduced the access pressure on the backend APIs, leading to cost savings for backend cloud services. For example, using CDN as a buffer for accessing real-time data in the live list reduced API access pressure by 50%, resulting in an improved user experience.

Mr. Hsu Yongji stated, "Whenever we encounter problems or have new ideas, we consider using CDN to solve them, and Omni Intelligent Services always collaborates with us to maximize the value of CDN."

Ms. Wang Wenxuan, General Manager of Omni Intelligent Services, responded, "Because 17LIVE operates in an innovative and open industry, always at the forefront, we are happy to participate in their system development from the early stages, finding more suitable tools to assist them." Omni Intelligent Services and 17LIVE not only apply CDN to content delivery but also seek innovation in technical applications, creating many additional values for each other. Despite often facing various special requirements and challenges from 17LIVE, Omni Intelligent Services is pleased to collaborate in pushing limits and growing together.

Looking ahead, leveraging Akamai's high stability and excellent performance, Omni Intelligent Services will assist 17LIVE in redirecting more API traffic to CDN, allowing users to avoid accessing source servers as much as possible, ensuring stable traffic even during peak hours. Additionally, API visibility management and protection will be enhanced through Web Application Protection (WAP), thoroughly assessing and identifying APIs with higher risks, taking proactive measures, especially as APIs have become a focal point in recent enterprise cybersecurity defenses. With 17LIVE continuously launching new services and AI applications, requiring rapid responses under stable and compliant conditions, the focus will be on improving user experience, with Omni Intelligent Services serving as the strong cybersecurity backbone, jointly reaching the next milestone in growth.

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